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tech in music ed

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I'm Issy, this is my third year at the con, but my second semester as a music ed student.

I love

- gospel choirs; more specifically anything from Sister Act

- my dogs (pictured to the left)

- and recording and playing music, linked here is my favourite project from last semester!

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my go-to serotonin boost

Joyful Joyful from Sister Act 2

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22nd June, 22 My final blog for this project! After a bit of a kerfuffle on Thursday evening, I had to completely re-think my...


30th May, 22 Once again, I've dropped the ball slightly with blogs. Abby and I met for a rehearsal after changing our idea to be far...


16th May, 22 This week we focused on the SAMR model, developed by Ruben Puentedura as a means for including technology within education....


9th May, 22 This week was all about our project pitches! Abby very graciously presented solo as I was in desperate need of a mental...


2nd May, 22 Long time, no blog. This seems to be the semester of unending interruptions. It's special projects week and I'm still...


11th April, 22 This weeks class was a presentation from Rowena and Renee, with the Girls Programming Network. We looked at different ways...


4th April, 22 The focus of this week was all things Ableton. Initially, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to pick up as much, as I do all...


28th March, 22 This week we were back on zoom sadly, due to some super fun covid things. We looked at drum programming and watched James...


21st March, 22 Today we edited our music video projects…. but oh my goodness they were a mess. Our group got carried away with the fun,...


14th March, 22 For this week we looked at different types of notation software available. It was a really helpful overview and a...


7th March, 22 This week we focused on filming music making, and how this could be implemented in our classrooms. In our groups, we each...


28th Feb, 22 This week we focused on microphones and recording, jumping into small groups to create a podcast lesson. The lesson was...

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